Preventing Mosquitoes In Your Backyard

Having a yard is all fun and games until spring comes back around. Spring brings with it sunshine, happiness, and mosquitoes! There is a need for

mosquito control severna park when the warmer seasons come around. If mosquitoes aren’t taken care of, you’re likely to risk exposing yourself to a variety of diseases or, at the very least, some very itchy bumps.

Having a yard makes it all the more necessary to have a proper system of mosquito control. Gardens and yards are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and ticks. Mosquitoes especially tend to breed in the smallest pools of standing water. So, it becomes important to take some measures when draining your backyard!

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Tips to drain your backyard

Tip-over containers

If you have containers that might hold water, tip it out. Whether this is a birdbath or toys that have been strewn all across the yard, make sure you’re not letting any water settle in them. For containers like birdbaths, make sure the water is not stagnant for five days at a time.


Cleaning a yard isn’t just for the aesthetics, but also for health purposes. Cleaning a yard of old trash leaves less room for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

Take out the Tarps

If you have any tarps in your yard, make sure you take them off or, at the very least, shake them off. Tarps are a major source of standing water that many don’t even think twice about. When springtime comes around, taking off the tarps, or regularly cleaning them can do wonders in mosquito control.

On the same vein, make sure to turn over any objects that can hold standing water. Tools like wheelbarrows are inconspicuous but can hold water that contributes to mosquito breeding. Make sure to clean and then turn the tool over to prevent any standing water.


There are treatments for a garden that can eliminate or significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard. Alternatively, professional services can eliminate mosquito breeding in your yard completely.